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How The Infinity Cube Reduce Workload on Site

In the construction industry, efficiency and ease of operations is important to a smooth-running site. The Infinity Cube, also known as the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), offers several beneficial features designed to streamline your workload.

Here are 3 ways the Infinity Cube can reduce workload on site:


1. Accurate Data Entry

infinity cube provides accurate data recording

The Infinity Cube is equipped with a smart Energy Management System (EMS) that precisely manages the site’s current energy usage. This system provides accurate data records, helping you keep track of energy consumption effortlessly.

If the hybrid mode is used, it also monitors diesel usage. This precise tracking ensures that you have detailed records of energy consumption, which can be crucial for project management, budgeting, and reporting purposes. 


2. Automatic Energy Management

Infinity CUbe's automatic energy management

The Energy Management System (EMS) energy distribution. This system seamlessly switches the load between batteries or from the battery to a generator when necessary or combine both to support the power requirements, through optimising energy usage.

For instance, if there’s a need for additional power during surge loads, the EMS will automatically share the load between the batteries, or battery with grid or generator to provide the required power.

On the other hand, if a battery is running low, the EMS ensures a smooth transition of energy, so that the other power source will charge the battery and provide power to the load together without manual intervention.

This auto energy management reduces the need for constant monitoring and adjustments, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks on site. The whole system is built to be automated and can be remotely controlled from the comfort of the office, making it a smart equipment for your site.


3.  Battery- Only Operation

Infinity Cube Battery only operation

One of the most significant advantages of the Infinity Cube is its ability to run fully on batteries if grid or renewable energy is available, eliminating the need for diesel top-ups.

This not only simplifies logistics but also reduces the traffic of fuel deliveries on site. With fewer interruptions for refuelling, your team can maintain a steady workflow, leading to increased productivity and fewer disruptions.

By incorporating the Infinity Cube into your construction site operations, you can benefit from accurate data entry, automated energy management, and a more streamlined workflow free from the hassles of diesel refuelling. These features collectively ease your workload, allowing you to concentrate on delivering high-quality construction projects efficiently.


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